Thursday, February 5

When the VHS wins...

The Canadian DVD of 1987's Blood Rage (re-titled Nightmare at Shadow Woods) has noticeable cuts to violence compared to the Prism VHS.

The Paragon VHS of Just Before Dawn has bits of violence that are missing from Shriek Show's DVD.

The Gorgon/MPI VHS of Deathdream has a little sequence cut from Blue Underground's DVD due to print damage. Though the scene is included as an extra on the DVD.

The Unicorn Video VHS of Warlock Moon has ten minutes of additional footage not found on the Shriek Show DVD.

The Simitar VHS of Skinner is unrated, their DVD is the cut R-Rated version.

The Media VHS of Sleepaway Camp is uncut, the Anchor Bay DVD is missing bits of footage.

The USA Entertainment VHS of Ms. 45 is uncut, while the Image DVD has edits to the rape scenes.

The various Thorn EMI/HBO VHS editions of Return of the Living Dead retain the original audio mix and soundtrack compared to MGM's DVDs. O'Bannon made quite a number of such alterations to the DVDs.

The Lorimar VHS of Return of the Living Dead Part 2 retains the film's original score compared to Warner's DVD which has a completely replaced score.

The Media and Elite/Anchor Bay VHS editions of A Nightmare on Elm Street feature the uncut version of Tina's death compared to New Line's DVDs. Also the 2-VHS edition has deleted scenes as an extra yet to make it to any DVD as an extra.

The Media VHS of A Nightmare on Elm Street: Part 5 is unrated compared to the R-Rated New Line DVDs.

The Paramount VHS of Friday the 13: The Final Chapter has a few audio queues missing from the Paramount DVDs.

The Thorn EMI/HBO VHS releases of The Evil Dead include a scene where lightning strikes a tree cut from all DVD releases. Also the color temperature of the entire film is more bluish-green compared to the marked reddish look of the DVDs.


KFelon said...

Does the newer Dark Sky edition of Just Before Dawn have the missing footage?

Ryan Clark said...

The DVD of Nightmare at Shadow Woods -- which is now pretty rare even though it's missing some gore and a scene or two -- has an extra scene that isn't in the uncut version, as well as having better-than-VHS picture quality. So it still has some value, despite the uncut version being superior. I hope the uncut version gets a proper DVD release someday. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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