Wednesday, February 4

The Perils of Rentals of Unknown Origin

Just now halfway through an old tape of 1989's The Horror Show, my VCR made a sudden strange "clipping" noise and the picture immediately turned to rolling snow. Angrily I figured "Oh shit, there goes a video head, it's ruined."

But after cracking the case open and wiping the drum horizontally with a brand new horsehair make-up brush gently--all is well. That's the bitch about old rentals; a fleck of dirt in the wrong place at the right time can throw the tiny defenseless video heads for a loop...or at worst shatter them.

I was enjoying the movie (always good to see
Henriksen in a lead role); however, I'm too frightened to pop it back in.

No comments: you dare tread upon the staircase?

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