Wednesday, February 4

Friday the 13th: Part Argh - A Misframed Beginning

Reported via HorrorDigitals' review/comparison, it would appear yesterday's new DVD and Blu-ray releases of the uncut version of Friday the 13th feature a zoomed-in transfer compared to the two prior U.S. DVDs. A damn shame and another strike against a film (well, entire series) that Paramount always seems to never get right on home video in one way or another.

I dug up my Thai DVD from Warner which represents the very first uncut release on DVD (in '03) just to compare the framing with two shots from HorrorDigital's review above:

Yep, Paramount's new releases are from Warner's source, you heard it here first. Knowing this, I'm not as upset, sometimes international cuts feature different framing. Still disappointing yes, but not enough for me to grab the Blu-ray eventually.

* "Props" to the Film Talk forum for bringing the misframing to my attention!

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