Sunday, February 8

The eBay fairies strike again

Just won my first Japanese pre-record, Columbia's edition of Gianfranco Giangni's 1988 Spider's Labyrinth, from eBay. This has been one I've been pining after for awhile, but the battle for such Japanese VHS is usually very intense and prices after multiple bids of $50+ aren't uncommon. Amazingly, no one else even bid and it came in at $12.99...! Never seen the film, but it's one that seems to garner much praise.

"The best supernatural oriented Italian horror film since Argento's INFERNO, a film whose intriguing stylistic bravura stands with the best of Bava, Avati, Fulci and Freda, in the higher echelon of Italian shock cinema."- EYEBALL MAGAZINE (1990)

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