Monday, February 23

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)

Directed by David DeCoteau
80 Minutes / Urban Classics Video / Unmatted Full Frame

A couple of frat dudes sneak into a sorority to droll over a hazing involving ass paddle spanking and some choice girls in the buff. Once captured they're forced to trespass into a bowling alley at night to steal a coveted trophy with the girls. Upon breaking and entering, they recover their prize, but smash it open in their haste. A little stone imp emerges that jive talks (literally) his way to granting each a wish, but soon the wishes spoil and the imp turns the granted into crazed minions to attack those who resisted temptation. Can they survive the night? Could it be that stupidly simple?!?

Fun trash that goes swimmingly with a few beers featuring titanic '80's scream queens Michelle Bauer (my favorite), Brinke Stevens, and Linnea Quigley. As the film progresses, it makes less-and-less sense (as does the title), but I suppose it was never might to. The three terror goddesses are in their prime here, with Stevens delivering glorious showertime full frontal and Bauer remaining topless for 70% of the runtime. The late and troubled Robin Stille shows up to face Quigley in a catfight that makes no sense before being immolated in hellish fashion with Quigley standing not five feet away. Just be prepared, the big climax amounts to a rudimentary car roll in a parking lot. Also watch for George Flower as an aimless janitor and Dukey Flyswatter as the big pimpin' voice of the Imp. Despite Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers being more "highly regarded" between the two; I think Sorority Babes is where it's at.

Film: 4.5/10
VHS Picture: 7/10
VHS Sound: 5/10

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Anonymous said...

Recorded this off of HBO or Showtime many moons ago. I used to watch it all the time. I love the Imp, fucking hilarious. And the Janitor too ("My thumb's going be as big as a donkey's dick by morning"). My local dvd store has a used copy I've been eyeing. I should pick it up. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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