Thursday, February 12

The Man from Hell (1980)

Directed by Bo Curtis (according to Pre-Cert Video)
Starring "Krung Seller", "Alana Montri", "Clint Chit"
90 Minutes / Wild West-Ocean Shores Video / Cropped from 2.35:1 to full screen / English Dubbed

Jumbled Thai mess concerning a retired police officer (and apparently a bunch of other guys) in search of revenge after finding his wife slain by the hands of a gang with a flare for roses.

The most "interesting" portions are a quick bar fight to The Temptations' classic Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch (until a guy lands on the jukebox), the officer sexually advancing upon his resistant yet smitten sister(!?!), the poor man's Schifrin-esqe score, and a fabulously fay gang boss who sounds like Inspector Gadget. The dubbing sounds like a mix of hicks and Englishmen.

The rest is best seen through fast forward. As the tape unspools, you quickly lose track of which actor is which. We have the lead police officer, several of his bosses on the case, a brother of one of them (the bow and arrow guy above), and some slick looking mofo who gets the hero shot at the very end. Plot holes abound to the point of frustration and you might just end up hurting yourself in rage after the completely nonsensical conclusion. Obscure for a reason.

Film 1.5/10
VHS Picture: 5/10
VHS Sound: 4/10

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