Monday, February 9

My Son, My Son, Another Herzog Horror Film

CHUD is reporting Herzog is nailing down the cast for his upcoming feature, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. I must admit based on that title, I'm at least half expecting something akin to a modern Oscar-grab Cronenberg film. Though the cast has several jewels, chiefly Kier, Dourif, and Cobbs.

Wouldn't this be great to end up as a existential European hypothesizer of yore that's transformed over the years into excuse to create a vacuum of pompous boredom. Though according to the IMDB, it's currently filming in Peru, so we not get the chilly atmosphere of say, Zulawski's Possession. Still, I'm more excited than the initial excitement I felt towards Argento's Three Mothers conclusion. Speaking of Argento, his upcoming Giallo just sounds like he's trying to ape his seemingly lost greatness.

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