Friday, February 6

Vengeance (1980)

Directed by Bob Blizz
92 Minutes / Magnum Entertainment / Unmatted Full Frame

After a botched jewelry robbery, four thugs escape the scene with two hostages. Seeking refuge in a cabin in the woods, they discover the woman they're holding comes from a wealthy family. Eventually she and the other male hostage manage to flee in a truck, but the thugs take chase and force them to abandon the vehicle. The two will now have to find a way through the wilderness while avoiding their encroaching armed predators.

A first and only time director, writer, and actors (well, most of them) decide to make an exploitation flick--and it is good. We get stabbings, shootings, bloody squibs, brutal throat slashings, and uncomfortable girl knife teasing all to a laid back yet gloomy '70s fuzzy guitar moog score. The direction isn't anything special, but it gets the job done. The acting is also surprising, with the viewer rooting for those bastard thugs to meet horrid ends. Awesome, definitely a must-see/have and it's a shame this one languishes on VHS, despite the awesome clamshell case. It would be prime Blue Underground material.

Film: 8/10
VHS Picture: 5/10 (though the night scenes are comprised of only dots of light)
VHS Sound: 3/10 (humming right along)

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