Sunday, February 15

Offerings (1989)

Directed by Christopher Reynolds
95 Minutes / Southgate Entertainment / Cropped from 1.85:1 to full screen

Simply a blatant rip-off of Carpenter's classic Halloween with one new tiny aspect made a little over a decade later. An outcast boy that killed his domineering mother is institutionalized only to break out years later and return to the neighborhood. Murder begins anew as a young girl starts to receive "offerings"--bloody noses and fingers. The mute psycho fatass finally preys upon the girl in her home as extremely Halloween theme-like music plays (seriously). She escapes and runs to the local sheriff and he promptly shots the guy dead.


Just watch Halloween again and tell the makers of this crap to go screw themselves.

Film: 1/10
VHS Picture: 6/10
VHS Sound: 6/10

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