Monday, February 2

Video City Productions: The Adventure Begins

Video City Productions was small indie video distributor best known for their (few) Horror and Exploitation releases in the mid-'80s. I haven't been able to track down any at reasonable prices yet. The artwork on these is the best VHS art I've seen thus far, seemingly able to perfectly capture the "essence" of a given title.

Their release of Jungle Holocaust has so much grue on the front that from a distance it looks like a photo of plated SpaghettiOs with the title sprawled across in spattery red. Nightmare in Blood's artwork (seen here) blows away the DVD's art. For the life of me I can't remember the title, but they released a Naziploitation flick featuring a well-painted cover depicting a woman in a beautiful dress on a staircase at a Nazi gala. I don't believe the IMDB lists the film in the above link. To top off the geekgasm, the majority of these were in big soft plastic clamshell cases.

Simply the kind of stuff that sticks to your hand demanding you take it home. Unfortunately, their output tends to command top dollar ($50+) on eBay. So it's a bit of a fight to find them, but I'll keep trying. Hell, I'd be beaming just to nab one in decent condition.

Here's SS Hell Camp (Beast in Heat) and Slavers:

Also Subversive's Freakmaker / Gardener double bill from the ever excellent Xploited Cinema arrived today. For some odd reason, these two individually sell for $18-22 each.

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