Friday, February 20

Crinoline Head (1995)

Directed by Tommy Faircloth
90 Minutes / Horse Creek Productions / Full Frame / EP Tape Mode

A group of teenagers on a weekend trip in the country is stalked by a killer that likes to dispatch each in supposedly "funny" ways.

God awful waste of good tape that eats, breathes, and shits 1995. Incredibly annoying characters you want to strangle yourself a minute after seeing them on-screen. The loud valley girl, the preppy guy, the fat dork, the "all that" bitch you wanna shoot in the understand. It takes a tooth-pullin' fifty-three minutes before the first stupid kill (a dude with a bloody doll head stuck in his mouth, excuse me while I shit myself with laughter). I must admit to fast-forwarding through much of it and not seeing the ending. I think I'm a better person for that. Glad it was only $1, there's a $50 (!?!) used copy on Amazon right now. Any other way to spend fifty bucks is advised. Fangoria deserves to be shut down by force for giving this migraine such a nice pull quote.

Film: 0/5
VHS Picture: 2/10 (EP really is absolute shit)
VHS Sound: 2/10

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Anonymous said...

Blood doll head in mouth? Maybe you should watch the movie before reviewing it. That never happened. And also while you are at it, don't watch horror satire films...and avoid the Sleepaway Camp series as obviously don't get it. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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